LASIK surgery can be that life-changing experience, offering the freedom and convenience of ditching contacts and glasses for good. But naturally, the thought of laser surgery on your eyes can stir up some apprehension. It’s perfectly normal to have questions, especially about safety. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing a safe, comfortable, and personalized LASIK experience, tailored to your unique needs. Delve into LASIK complication rates and how TLC San Antonio prioritizes your well-being every step of the way, so you can feel confident about achieving clear vision on your terms.

Understanding LASIK Complication Rates

LASIK has proven to have a very high success rate, typically exceeding 90%. However, it’s important to understand that, like any medical procedure, LASIK carries a small chance of complications. These complications can range from minor, temporary issues like dry eyes or halos around lights, to more serious but rare problems like undercorrection or overcorrection requiring a follow-up procedure. Studies report a national complication rate between 0.7% and 6.6%. It’s important to note that this range can vary depending on the specific complication being considered.

Here’s a breakdown of some potential complications:

  • Dry Eyes: This is the most common complication, affecting up to 30% of patients temporarily after surgery. It usually improves with time and artificial tears.
  • Regression: In rare cases (around 1-5%), vision may regress slightly, requiring an enhancement procedure.
  • Infections: These are extremely rare (less than 1%) with proper pre and post-operative care.
    Flap Complications: Issues with the corneal flap created during LASIK are uncommon (0.3 – 14%) but can be addressed by your surgeon.

Remember, these are just some possibilities, and a thorough consultation with your doctor will help you understand your individual risk factors.

Factors Affecting LASIK Safety

Several factors influence LASIK safety:

  • Surgeon’s Experience: A skilled and experienced surgeon is crucial. At TLC San Antonio, our doctors prioritize safety above all else.
  • Technology: Advanced laser technology like femtosecond lasers can create more precise corneal flaps, potentially reducing risks. TLC San Antonio is committed to cutting-edge equipment.
  • Patient Suitability: A thorough pre-operative evaluation is vital. Not everyone is a good candidate for LASIK. TLC San Antonio takes the time to understand your unique needs.

Why Choose TLC San Antonio for Safe LASIK

At TLC San Antonio, we go beyond national averages:

  • Lower Complication Rates: We strive to meet a lower complication rate than the national standard.
    Advanced Technology: We invest in the latest technology for precise and safe procedures.
  • Personalized Care: We understand your concerns and tailor our approach to your individual needs.
  • Focus on Safety: Our doctors prioritize safety in every step of the LASIK process.
  • Experienced Team: Our team is dedicated to providing exceptional care, from pre-surgery consultations to post-operative follow-up.

Ready to See Clearly? Choose Lasik

LASIK can be a liberating experience, offering freedom from glasses and contacts. But choosing the right provider is key. At TLC San Antonio, we prioritize safety, precision, and building trust with our patients. Contact us today for a free consultation and discuss if LASIK is right for you. We’ll address your concerns and ensure you have a clear understanding of the procedure and safety measures.