Medically Reviewed by: Dr. Oday Alsheikh, M.D.

When considering surgery, it is only natural to have a few questions. One of the most common questions we hear about LASIK surgery is, how much is the procedure going to hurt? Please be assured that, at TLC San Antonio, patient comfort and safety are among our top priorities. We do everything we can to ensure the LASIK procedure is as smooth, seamless, and comfortable as possible.

The Truth About Eye Surgery

Corrective eye procedures have been around for decades, and for previous generations, these procedures may well have been painful. Thankfully, that is no longer the case today. Thanks to advances in surgical technology, specifically laser therapies and sedation techniques, LASIK is generally something that people tolerate very well.

In particular, there are sedation and anesthesia options that can ensure your comfort during the LASIK process. Some of these options include:
  • Anesthetic Eye Drops

While some surgical procedures require general anesthesia, LASIK can usually be performed with a localized, topical application of anesthesia, often in the form of drops. Because only small pieces of tissue need to be manipulated during surgery, eye drops are often more than sufficient for keeping you comfortable during the procedure.

  • Sedatives

We understand that some patients will feel anxious about surgery. To help calm your nerves, we can provide oral sedatives. These medications will help relieve your anxiety while also ensuring you are awake and alert during LASIK. This is important, as you will be asked to follow a laser light with your eyes while the surgeon performs their work.

What Else Should You Expect During LASIK?

Using topical anesthesia and oral sedatives, LASIK should be a fairly pain-free experience. 

You should know that a device is used to hold your eyelids open during the procedure. While this device does not cause acute pain, patients report a mild feeling of pressure around the eyes.

Another common concern is dry eye. Your eyes will indeed be open during the surgery, but our team diligently provides ongoing lubrication, sparing you from dehydration or discomfort.

What About After the Procedure?

Once you are discharged to go home and heal, you can anticipate some mild tenderness and discomfort. Thankfully, these symptoms are easy to manage with prescribed or over-the-counter medications. Meanwhile, antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs are provided to reduce your risk of infection and inflammation. 

By carefully following aftercare guidelines, you can usually ensure a smooth and seamless recovery with minimal discomfort.

Questions About LASIK?

At TLC San Antonio, we want every patient to feel fully at ease about their LASIK procedure. We are always happy to provide more information about anesthesia options, aftercare, and recovery. Find out more about the LASIK experience.