Whether you are nearsighted or farsighted, LASIK might be a viable option to gain clarity of vision. As one of the most popular surgical procedures, LASIK has helped countless people gain clear, focused vision, allowing them to reduce or even discontinue their use of corrective lenses.

Still on the fence? There are many reasons why getting LASIK can prove advantageous, and here are a few of the most significant.

The Clear Benefits of LASIK Surgery

1) Enjoy Clear Eyesight 24/7

If you depend on glasses or contacts to help you see, you know how frustrating it can be to wake up each morning seeing nothing but a blur, unable to make sense of your surroundings until you reach for those lenses. With LASIK, you can enjoy pristine vision all day without worrying about lost or broken glasses. There is real freedom in eliminating your dependence on corrective lenses!

2) Getting Lasik Is Cost-Effective

Replacing glasses and ordering new contact lenses adds up, especially when you have a prescription that changes frequently. Today, glasses cost hundreds of dollars, so if you need a new pair every year, the one-time cost of LASIK starts to look pretty appealing. Most providers offer financing and insurance to help you manage your surgery costs.

3) Lasik Offers Convenience

While contact lenses can be excellent in restoring you to healthy vision and allowing you to ditch those cumbersome glasses, they also come with their share of inconveniences. When you get LASIK, however, you will no longer have to worry about the following:

  • Losing your contact lens solution when you travel
  • Falling asleep with your lenses still in
  • Makeup contaminating your lenses

If you are a glasses wearer, it is also worth noting that LASIK means you no longer have to worry about removing or securing your frames while you exercise or swim. 

4) Glasses And Contacts Can Impair Your Health

Wearing glasses or contacts can be inconvenient and even impair your vision over time. LASIK surgery is a popular alternative to correct vision which provides permanent results, eliminating the need for glasses or contacts. Without reliance on corrective eyewear, there is significantly less risk of experiencing health issues, and you can enjoy better overall visual acuity with improved sight.

5) Aesthetics and Confidence

There are plenty of people who look great wearing glasses, and they know it. Some people dislike how glasses frame their faces and may even feel they are hiding behind their spectacles sometimes. With LASIK, you can pursue your desired aesthetic and look and feel confident.

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