What can you expect from your LASIK eye surgery recovery?


From researching LASIK eye surgery, you’re probably aware that it’s a quick procedure, but how long are you recovering for? Patients here at TLC San Antonio LASIK generally only experience minor post-surgery discomfort, however, it’s still important for us to provide aftercare to ensure your eye health remains in good form.

That’s why we arrange follow-up appointments with your LASIK eye surgeon and your eye doctor, so they can check to see how your eyes are healing regularly, so you walk away with the best possible outcome.

Let’s break down exactly what happens during your recovery, so you know exactly what to expect.

The stages of LASIK eye surgery recovery time

On the day of your LASIK Procedure

LASIK eye surgery is an outpatient procedure, so your recovery will begin on the same day. Your eye surgeon will have already advised you to arrange a ride home after your surgery, as your eyes will initially be sensitive to light, and your vision will not be stabilized yet.

You should also avoid doing any strenuous eye activity for the next 24 hours. Your LASIK eye surgeon will provide you with prescription eye drops that will help with healing and relieve any discomfort. Any light sensitivity and discomfort should quickly dissipate.

LASIK eye surgery – 24 Hours later

You’ll visit your LASIK eye surgeon at our center of Lasik eye surgery in San Antonio again within 48 hours of your procedure. This will give your eye surgeon a chance to conduct basic vision tests, ensure that your eyes are healing well, and answer any questions you may have, as well as provide you with activity recommendations based on how your eyes are healing

You may have to wear sunglasses for a few days after your procedure to help alleviate any light sensitivity and provide comfort as your eyes continue to heal.

One Week after LASIK eye surgery

With each day that passes, you’ll notice your vision stabilizing, although a few small fluctuations during this process is normal. You’ll have a 1-week follow-up appointment with your LASIK eye surgeon again for an update on your progress and healing. It’s important to continue taking your eye drop medications as directed by your eye surgeon to ensure a successful recovery.

A Month after LASIK surgery

At your one month follow-up appointment, you’ll be able to check whether you can return to doing your favorite activities if your eye surgeon can see your eyes are healing well and are ready for it. At this point, any light sensitivity and discomfort should be minimal.

Three to Six Months post-LASIK eye surgery

At this point, you should be seeing significant improvement in your vision. You should no longer be experiencing light sensitivity and should be able to resume all your favorite activities and sports. However, you still need to attend follow-up appointments with your LASIK eye surgeon, so they can monitor your progress to ensure you complete your LASIK journey with the best vision possible.

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Everyone’s LASIK eye surgery recovery generally takes the same amount of time; however, we know that every patient is different, meaning their healing process may take slightly longer or less time than others. The TLC San Antonio LASIK team, led by Medical Director and esteemed LASIK surgeon Dr. Oday Alsheikh, MD, has years of experience and thousands of successful LASIK surgeries behind them, so they’ll be able to answer any questions you have about recovery for your peace of mind.

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