Our top reasons to choose TLC San Antonio for your LASIK eye surgery


LASIK eye surgery is the first step towards a life without dependence on glasses and contact lenses. You may have already begun researching your LASIK surgery options to see which solution is right for you, but have you looked at providers too?

We want you to feel comfortable with your provider, and for that you need to do research. Let’s look at what you should look for when finding a LASIK center, and TLC San Antonio could be the perfect choice for you!

Experienced LASIK surgeons

LASIK eye surgery requires the expertise of eye surgeons who stay on top of the latest LASIK technologies and continue to further their skills with additional clinical training too. This means choosing a surgeon whose certifications come from the American Board of Ophthalmology (ABO).

Here at TLC San Antonio, we are lucky enough to be led by our esteemed Medical Director and LASIK Eye Surgeon, Dr. Oday Alsheikh, MD. He is one of the leading eye surgeons in San Antonio, and with his advanced expertise in LASIK, Dr. Alsheikh leads the way in clinical excellence and a personalized approach to patient care, to provide the best possible surgical outcomes for every individual.

Our eye surgeons have performed millions of surgeries on patients like yourself, and work together with a highly qualified team of technicians, administrators, and data healthcare analysts to ensure you are guided throughout your entire LASIK journey from consultation to post-surgery follow-up.

Using the latest laser technology

LASIK eye surgery requires the most advanced surgical methods and equipment, to ensure you are getting the best results. Dr. Oday Alsheikh is passionate about adopting new technologies and staying ahead of the latest advancements, as well as ensuring patient safety and quality care.

From bladeless LASIK, to topography guided LASIK, and custom LASIK, and LASIK alternatives like PRK, our advanced testing, and surgical technologies allow us to determine the very best option for each patient so they can benefit from fully personalized procedures for their needs.

Affordable LASIK

While it’s tempting to run with the idea that the least expensive provider is the best one for you, this isn’t usually the case. As mentioned, having the best equipment to meet your LASIK needs should play a big part in your decision when choosing a provider, as well as the right eye surgeon.

We believe that all our patients are entitled to the same level of care. That’s why we offer solutions to match your budget so anyone can experience the vision-transforming benefits of LASIK. This includes using funds from HSAs towards your LASIK surgery.


You likely already know someone who has experienced the vision benefits of LASIK eye surgery. We encourage our patients to talk to others who have experienced LASIK. We also welcome you to check out our reviews online to discover why so many LASIK patients trust TLC San Antonio with their vision correction needs.


Getting LASIK eye surgery shouldn’t be an inconvenience. Our center is located within the San Antonio area, so you don’t have to travel far before and after your LASIK procedure. This also makes attending the initial consultation and follow-up appointments easier for you.


Investing in your vision with LASIK is a life-changing decision, and that’s why you should always choose a provider that is committed to helping you maintain the best possible vision throughout your life.

Our commitment to you includes a completely personalized approach and going above and beyond the basics of eye surgery and aftercare, with caring and passionate staff on hand to ease any concerns and make sure you are always well-informed about your vision and treatment.

A solid partner

No one knows your eyes better than your eye doctor. Not only can they help you make an informed decision about your procedure, but we believe they are in the best position to take care of you before and after your life-changing procedure.

When you have LASIK at TLC San Antonio, we will work with your Affiliated Optometrist, who chooses to partner with us because of our strong track record of safety, experience, and patient satisfaction. Learn more about how TLC San Antonio can transform your life with LASIK eye surgery now and schedule your free LASIK consultation today.