Are you a candidate for PRK surgery in San Antonio?


There are two options for laser eye surgery to correct your vision. The first and most common is LASIK eye surgery. However, many patients may not realize there is a second option if LASIK doesn’t fit their individual needs and they don’t qualify to have it. This is called PRK (Photorefractive keratectomy) surgery. Let’s look at LASIK vs PRK, review if PRK eye surgery is right for you, and the factors that your eye surgeon will use to determine if you are a candidate.

PRK surgery San Antonio – eligibility

Corneal thickness – This is a significant factor in deciding whether you qualify for LASIK or PRK surgery. With LASIK eye surgery, a flap is created that requires a cornea that is thick enough to make the procedure safe and successful. PRK doesn’t require the creation of a flap, therefore is an option for patients with a thin cornea who aren’t suitable for LASIK.

Vision prescription – PRK surgery is most often carried out on people with myopia – commonly known as nearsightedness and is particularly effective for those with severe myopia. Patients with mild and moderate myopia can also see an improvement in their vision if they choose to have PRK surgery. Your eye surgeon will be able to advise you on whether PRK or LASIK is the right solution depending on your eyeglass prescription.

Employment – LASIK eye surgery requires the creation of a corneal flap. This can result in eye trauma very occasionally. That’s why many people in the construction field, military or manufacturing may be better suited for PRK laser eye surgery instead of LASIK, as they are more likely to be exposed to eye trauma than other industries.

Hobbies – Similarly to your employment, people in high intensity competition or contact sports, such as martial arts, may be better candidates for PRK eye surgery. This reduces the risk of potential trauma while performing your favorite activities or hobbies. Your eye surgeon will help you determine which type of vision correction surgery is right for your lifestyle and hobbies.

Get PRK or LASIK at TLC LASIK San Antonio

Results have shown that PRK laser eye surgery is an effective solution for vision correction for many people. Utilizing the same LASIK technology, Under the leadership of Medical Director, Dr. Oday Alsheikh, MD, our highly skilled and experienced eye surgeons have performed thousands of successful LASIK and PRK surgeries in San Antonio.

Whatever your vision needs and eligibility, TLC LASIK San Antonio offers vision correction surgery solutions that provide the best outcomes and improve your overall quality of life. Contact us today to book your free LASIK consultation to see if you are eligible. Our eye surgeon can then also discuss PRK as an option if they find it to be more suitable for you.